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IT Strategy - Summary of Successes

Capto provides fact-based assessments and make recommendations to improve process, people and technology where possible, or if appropriate a complete restructuring/restart. There are quite a few examples of where Capto's business and technology "know-how" has helped a business achieve positive results:

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IT In-Sourcing vs. Outsourcing: Best Bang for the Buck

Situation – Looking to Reduce IT Costs, Need a Disciplined Way to Compare In-sourced IT services to Outsourced:

A Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company was under pressure to find IT cost reductions. Since IT infrastructure was one of their greatest expenses, the executive team felt the need to review IT Outsourcing options, in spite of concerns that outsourcing led to poor service levels and a lack of flexibility in responding to business demands. IT service levels were a mission critical differentiator, so this was not a decision they wanted to make without doing their homework

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